• What is Pendulumedu and how it is helpful?

    Pendulumedu is advanced and next generation platform for the preparation of various competitive exams which includes banking, SSC, Medical, Engineering, UPSC, RRB, Teaching, K-12 and other government exams. Our test is uniquely developed by the toppers and highly experienced faculty of the respective exams. We have several packages of test series and free mock test availability for the aspirants across the globe. The candidate can access free mock test after sign up with the Pendulumedu and you can avail the test by going through the links in the dashboard. We will provide you with the exam pnatform which is same as the platform that will be in front of you on the real exam day, this will make you familiar with the exam environment.

    In traditional classroom learning process, customizing the educational materials for each and every candidate is impossible. Whereas, pendulumedu provides better learning tricks and materials based on your current performance to make it further better. On our platform, the candidate can opt for one to one session for further clearing doubts and understanding any topic, this will help students of pendulumedu in improving efficiency and knowledge.

  • Why should I pay for Pendulumedu when there is free availability of data online?

    Pendulumedu offers high quality content that has been created by the experienced faculty and toppers of the respective exams. Most of the content which is available online is not efficient enough to succeed in such competitive exams. Also, many a times, the content that is available to everyone online is not updated according to the change in exam pattern and syllabus. However, everyone can have access to those data easily, so it would not make you superior among those writing same exams. Whereas the analytics and content provided by the pendulumedu is updated in real-time with any minute change in exam pattern and syllabus and is efficient enough to crack the exam on first attempt. The collection of carefully made questions, study materials and lectures have been offered by the pendulumedu in order to achieve success in one attempt. Additionally, the platform provided by the pendulumedu is not so hefty and students can easily access and use it.

  • What happens when I am attempting an exam and it gets disconnected in between?

    Pendulumedu has made possible and easier way for you. All you need to do is an internet connection that helps in connecting through the test link and submitting a test. If you lose your internet connectivity in between during the test process, it will not matter and you can still continue with the same test until you finish it. However, make sure that you have internet connection for submission of the final test documents.

  • How much time will it take to activate the account after the payment is done?

    If the payment is done through credit/ debit or any online payment mode like paytm or other wallets, then the account is activated immediately just after the final payment is done. If the account is paid by depositing cash or cheque, it takes 24 hours to activate your account. If you are opting to pay by cheque or cash, then please make sure to send the transaction ID in order to activate the account within 24 hours else the account will not be activated under the given time period.

  • What are the benefits of Pendulumedu paid subscriber?

    You can upgrade your account to paid subscriber account easily by going through your login details and click upgrade button which will take you to the payment section of the website.

    The candidate can attempt for free mock tests and then they can easily check their performance status. After which one can upgrade to any one or two subscription plan to continue with the test process. With any subscription plan you can get access for the time period until that exam is over.