English Vocabulary

Why do you need to work on your vocabulary?

Having enhanced word power or a wide range of vocabulary not only helps you in the various competitive exams but also in succeeding or advancing on a professional front.

If you possess a wide range of vocabulary, you can easily attempt questions such as Synonyms/antonyms, One-word substitution, Fill in the blank, Cloze passage, and also other questions to comprehend the context of the text. This is because these are all based on vocabulary.

To crack these types of questions easily, quickly and without having doubts, you have to have an amazing vocabulary.

How can you work on vocabulary and memorize frequently asked new words and their meanings?

To help you with this, we have provided various techniques and content.

Firstly, the Word of the day section where we give you a detailed explanation of a word that you can practice and imbibe instantly.

Secondly, the Hindu Vocabulary session is broadcast everyday on our YouTube channel. Here, we give you vocabulary from the article published in the Hindu editorial. Also, we explain the article in detail.

This concurrently helps you with your current affairs section and also eases your effort of stressing over understanding the context.

So, do not wait and waste your precious time. Instead, gear up to enhance your word power and use this power to materialize your dreams.