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Are you confused about what to study and what not to study in Current Affairs before your exam? Do you read N number of newspapers daily to cover the news important from exam point of view? Do you want to comprehensively cover the current affairs section at the end of every month?

So, here at PendulumEdu, you are getting a one-stop solution for all your problems/confusion. PendulumEdu provides you Monthly Current Affairs - SAGA wherein you will get comprehensive coverage of all events segregated into different sections like National News, International News, Polity, Economy, Reports and indices, Appointments, Environment and Ecology, etc.

How to Download Monthly Current Affairs PDF?

Just click on the Download button to download any month’s Current Affairs Monthly PDF. Currently, we are providing the following PDFs:

  1. SAGA December 2022 – December Current Affairs PDF 2022
  2. SAGA November 2022 – November Current Affairs PDF 2022
  3. SAGA October 2022 – October Current Affairs PDF 2022
  4. SAGA September 2022 – September Current Affairs PDF 2022
  5. SAGA August 2022 – August Current Affairs PDF 2022
  6. SAGA July 2022 – July Current Affairs PDF 2022
  7. SAGA June 2022 – June Current Affairs PDF 2022
  8. SAGA May 2022 – May Current Affairs PDF 2022
  9. SAGA April 2022 – April Current Affairs PDF 2022
  10. SAGA March 2022 – March Current Affairs PDF 2022
  11. SAGA February 2022 – February Current Affairs PDF 2022
  12. SAGA January 2022 – January Current Affairs PDF 2022
  13. SAGA December 2021 – December Current Affairs PDF 2021
  14. SAGA November 2021 – November Current Affairs PDF 2021
  15. SAGA October 2021 – October Current Affairs PDF 2021
  16. SAGA September 2021 – September Current Affairs PDF 2021
  17. SAGA August 2021 – August Current Affairs PDF 2021
  18. SAGA July 2021 – July Current Affairs PDF 2021
  19. SAGA June 2021 – June Current Affairs PDF 2021
  20. SAGA May 2021 – May Current Affairs PDF 2021
  21. SAGA April 2021 – April Current Affairs PDF 2021
  22. SAGA March 2021 – March Current Affairs PDF 2021
  23. SAGA February 2021 – February Current Affairs PDF 2021
  24. SAGA January 2021 – January Current Affairs PDF 2021
  25. SAGA December 2020 – December Current Affairs PDF 2020
  26. SAGA November 2020 – Monthly Current Affairs PDF November 2020
  27. SAGA October 2020 – October Current Affairs PDF 2020
  28. SAGA September 2020 – September Current Affairs PDF 2020
  29. SAGA August 2020 – August Current Affairs PDF 2020
  30. SAGA July 2020 – July Current Affairs PDF 2020
  31. SAGA June 2020 – June Current Affairs PDF 2020
  32. SAGA May 2020 – May Current Affairs PDF 2020
  33. SAGA April 2020 – April Current Affairs PDF 2020
  34. SAGA March 2020 – March Current Affairs PDF 2020
  35. SAGA February 2020 – February Current Affairs PDF 2020
  36. SAGA January 2020 – January Current Affairs PDF 2020

The SAGA - Monthly Current Affairs have been prepared by our experts based on the analysis of the type of questions asked from the Current Affairs section in competitive exams like State PCS, UPSC, SSC, Railways, Defence, Teaching, Banking, etc. These Monthly Current Affairs PDF Compilation will not only help you in scoring well in one day exams but also subjective exams like State PCS Mains, SSC CGL Tier III, SSC CHSL Tier II, MPPSC, Banking Exams, Defence Exams, etc.

We also provide Daily Current Affairs and Current Affairs Quizzes so that you remain aware of the recent happenings.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Current Affairs

FAQs about Current Affairs

1. Why is it important to read Monthly Current Affairs?

Reading Monthly Current Affairs saves time for a candidate preparing for a competitive exam. Also, it helps in a thorough revision of topics from time to time.

2. How will PendulumEdu’s Monthly Current Affairs SAGA help in preparation?

Experts at PendulumEdu have prepared the Monthly Current Affairs SAGA after comprehensive analysis to cover all important topics. Revising from Monthly PDF will help one score better in the actual exam.

3. PendulumEdu’s Current Affairs Monthly PDF is helpful for which exams?

Candidates preparing for SSC, Railways, Defence, State PCS, Banking, Teaching exams can follow the Monthly Current Affairs SAGA.

4. Is Monthly Current Affairs SAGA available in Hindi?

Yes, PendulumEdu’s Monthly Current Affairs SAGA is available in Hindi as well as English.

5. Do I have to pay for downloading the Current Affairs Monthly PDF?

No, Monthly Current Affairs PDF is free of cost. You can directly download by clicking on the given link.
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