The Hindu Vocabulary 8 July 2021


The vocabulary for The Hindu Editorial 08 July 2021 is from the Editorial titled ‘Cultural genocide: On discovery of hundreds of graves in Canada’.



Part of Speech







the deliberate killing of a large number of people from a particular nation or ethnic group with the aim of destroying that nation or group.


Slaughter, Massacre, Killing, Mass murder, Eradication, Bloodbath, Holocaust

Peace, Tranquil, Protection, Stillness, Solitude, Hush

The genocide was inevitable.



originating or occurring naturally in a particular place; native.


Native, Original, Local, First, Initial, Ancient, Aboriginal

Expatriate, Migrant, Adventitious, Emigrant, Migrant, Non-native

The production of indigenous products were not scaled up.



showing or involving a contemptible lack of moral standards.


Improper, Sordid, Unseemly, Unsavoury, Sleazy, Seedy, Seamy

Proper, Decent, Correct, Systematic, Apposite, Fitting, Fit, Suitable

The restaurant we visited lately was squalid.



the restoration of friendly relations.

(फिर से मेल या मिलाप)

Conciliation, Resolution, Settlement, Placating, Propitiation, Remedying, Amity, Concord

Estrangement, Disagreement, Alienation, Feud, Incompatibility

The chief demanded for the reconciliation of the accounts of the accountants.



inhabiting or existing in a land from the earliest times or from before the arrival of colonists; indigenous.


Indigenous, Native, Original, Local, First, Initial, Ancient

Contemoporary, Recent, Expatriate, Migrant, Adventitious, Emigrant, Migrant, Non-native

All the aboriginal items were discarded by the museum’s caretakers.



a real or imagined cause for complaint, especially unfair treatment.


Injustice, Problem, Query, Offence, Issue, Wrong, Insult

Justice, Fair, Fairness, Equality, Equal, Just, Validity, Legitimacy

Not all my grievances were addressed on time.



the part of something that is central to its existence or character.

(किसी चीज का मुख्य भाग)

Key, Prime, Basic, Fundamental, Elemental, Principal, Primary

Peripheral, Minor, Trivial, Minute, Basic, Slight, Small

My decision was based on core science logics.



the action of making amends for a wrong one has done, by providing payment or other assistance to those who have been wronged.


Amends, Restitution, Redress, Compensation, Recompense, Repayment, Atonement


The court made the final reparation to the victim.



increase in rate, amount, or extent.

(गति बढाना)

Speed up, Hurry up, Expedite, Soar, Surge, Hasten, Fasten

Decrease, Drop, Diminish, Decelerate, Delay, Lag, Lagging

The rate of the oil prices accelerated within a week.



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