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Daily Banking Awareness Quiz | 1, 2 and 3 August 2023

Question 1

Per capita women deposits in India grew by ₹4,618 to ___________ during last five years from FY19 to FY23.

Question 2

Core industries output in June 2023 reached a 5-month high level at 8.2%. Which of the following core industries has recorded negative growth?

Question 3

How much has been the fiscal deficit of central government in April-June quarter of FY24?

Question 4

Services PMI increased to 13-year high level of ______ in July 2023.

Question 5

CBIC has recently notified norms for restricting IGST refund in respect of pan masala, tobacco and mentha oil. The restriction will be applicable from ________________.

Question 6

Where will Tesla open its first office in India?

Question 7

Which schedule has been made mandatory by the government for MSME pharma companies?

Question 8

The debt of central government declined from 61.5% of GDP in FY21 to ______ of GDP in FY23.

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