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Daily Banking Awareness Quiz | 10 and 11 March 2023

Question 1

RBI infused ___________ into banking system via the 14-day Variable Rate Repo (VRR) auction in March 2023.

Question 2

The Board of Directors of Bank of Baroda has approved divestment of up to _____ of its shareholding in BoB Financial Solutions Ltd (BFSL).

Question 3

PM Modi and Bangladesh PM Hasina will virtually inaugurate first India-Bangladesh cross-border pipeline. This pipeline is _______ long.  

Question 4

On 10 March 2023, NITI Aayog released a task force report titled “Production and Promotion of Organic and Bio fertilisers with Special Focus on Improving Economic Viability of Gaushalas”. Which of the following statements is/are correct about this task force?

1. This Task Force has been constituted by NITI Aayog to make gaushalas economically viable.

2. One of the recommendations of the task force is to make it mandatory for fertilizer companies to sell at least 10-20% of organic manure as part of their mix.

3. The task force was set up by NITI Aayog under the chairmanship of Ramesh Chand, Member, NITI Aayog.

Select correct answer using the following codes.

Question 5

India’s industrial production increased by _______ in January 2023.

Question 6

Which bank has tied up with ITC Ltd to offer loans to farmers who are part of agriculture ecosystem of ITC?

Question 7

Who of the following has been named by Citi as Head of Commercial Banking in India?

Question 8

In March 2023, which of the following has announced the extension of its National Pension Scheme (NPS) services to its domestic and NRI customers?

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