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Daily Banking Awareness Quiz | 10 and 11 November 2023

Question 1

India’s forex reserves cover of imports on balance of payments basis has grown to ________ as at June-end 2023.

Question 2

LIC) has recorded its highest ever half-yearly profit in H1 of FY24 at _______________.

Question 3

According to the Wood Mackenzie report, India would become world’s 2nd largest solar module manufacturer by which of the following years?

Question 4

Industrial output growth has declined from ______ in August 2023 to three-month low level of 5.8% in September 2023.

Question 5

Government has announced one percent interest rate rebate to _____________ borrowers.

Question 6

IMF executive board has approved a 50% quota increase. Presently, India has a quota of Special Drawing Rights (SDR) of ______________.

Question 7

Cooperation Minister Amit Shah launched ‘Bharat Organics’ brand of National Cooperative Organics Ltd (NCOL). India ranks ______ globally in organic agricultural land as per 2020 data.

Question 8

United Kingdom has included India and __________ in the list of safe states.

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