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Daily Banking Awareness Quiz | 15, 16 and 17 July 2023

Question 1

Wholesale Price Index (WPI) inflation declined to _______ in June 2023.

Question 2

By how much percentage did the exports of goods from India decline in June 2023 on year-on-year basis?

Question 3

The incremental credit-deposit (C/D) ratio of all scheduled banks decreased to ___ in Q1 of FY24.  

Question 4

In July 2023, Governor of the Reserve Bank of India has signed MoU with Governor of the Central Bank of which country for the use of local currencies for cross-border transactions?

Question 5

DICGC has asked all insured banks to display the DICGC logo on their internet banking portals and websites. DICGC is a specialised division of ____.

Question 6

How many names have been recommended by Financial Services Institutions Bureau (FSIB) for the panel for appointments of Executive Directors in Public Sector Banks for FY24?

Question 7

How many NBFCs have surrendered their Certificate of Registration (CoR) to RBI in July 2023?

Question 8

______ anniversary of the India Government Mint was celebrated in Hyderabad.

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