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Daily Banking Awareness Quiz | 16 and 17 March 2022

Question 1

Banks Board Bureau has recommended name of A Manimekhalai for the post of MD & CEO of -

Question 2


Which of the following banks has reported to RBI ₹2,060-cr borrowal fraud in non-performing asset (NPA) account of IL&FS Tamil Nadu Power Company Ltd (IL&FSTNPL)?

Question 3

In which of the following cities will SBI establish an Innovation, Incubation and Acceleration Centre (IIAC)?

Question 4

Which of the following banks has won National award for outstanding performance for financial year 2020-21 for its best performance in Self Help Group Bank Linkage?

Question 5


In March 2022, Moody’s Investor Service has lowered India’s growth projection for calendar year from 9.5% to -

Question 6


India’s exports of cotton textile products have crossed government’s target of _________ for current financial year.

Question 7

When did the government notify Production-linked Incentive (PLI) scheme for automobile and auto component industry that will commence from fiscal year 2022-23?

Question 8

Which of the following countries are top three buyers of India’s maize?

Question 9

Which Section of Legal Metrology Act provides penalty for use of unverified weights or measures?

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