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Daily Banking Awareness Quiz | 18, 19 and 20 December 2021

Question 1

Who has recently become first Indian industrialist to get Global Entrepreneur of the Year Award- Business Transformation from The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE)?

Question 2

In December 2021, RBI has imposed Rs 30 lakh monetary penalty on ______________.

Question 3

Which of the following is first Indian insurance company to sign the United Nations-supported Principles for Responsible Investment (UNPRI)?

Question 4

As per India Agrifood Startup Investment Report, investments in Indian agri tech and food tech sectors doubled to ____________ in financial year 2020-21.

Question 5

In December 2021, Union Bank of India has raised ₹1,500 crore by issuing Basel III compliant debt instruments at a coupon rate of _________.

Question 6

Recently, a Digital Payments Utsav programme has been launched by ____________ to adopt 500 villages in Karnataka and Maharashtra to promote digital payments in India.

Question 7

Who of the following has become Director General of Software Technology Parks of India (STPI)?

Question 8

SEBI has constituted Advisory Committee for Leveraging Regulatory and Technology Solutions (ALeRTS) for suggestions __________________.

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