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Daily Banking Awareness Quiz | 18, 19 and 20 June 2023

Question 1

Which of the following banks has launched ‘My Account My Name’ scheme?

Question 2

Which bank has collaborated with Wise to enable online inward remittance services to NRIs residing in US and Singapore?

Question 3

RBI carried out a four-day variable rate repo (VRR) auction on 19 June 2023. The notified amount for auction was ____________.

Question 4

What is the current ceiling for urban co-operative banks (UCBs) on loans against gold and gold jewellery under the bullet payment scheme?

Question 5

Max Life Insurance Company Limited has acquired a 2.99% stake in _________ for ₹49.50 crore.

Question 6

India’s eB2B market is estimated to reach $90-$100 billion by ________ according to a report by Redseer Strategy Consultants.

Question 7

Consider the following statements regarding the ‘Annual Report on Pay & Allowances’.

1. The report has been prepared by the Department of Personnel and Training of Government of India.

2. According to the report, more than 9.64 lakh posts are vacant in government.

3. Five major Ministries/Departments cover almost 92% of the total manpower.

Which of the above statements is/are correct?

Question 8

How much percentage increase was registered in the gross collection of direct taxes in the financial year 2023-24?

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