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Daily Banking Awareness Quiz | 21, 22 and 23 November 2021

Question 1

SBI recently dual listed its $650 million green bonds on India International Exchange (India INX) and ____________.

Question 2

Who has been appointed by Spandana Sphoorty as its new Managing Director and CEO?

Question 3

Revenue Secretary Tarun Bajaj recently said that government’s tax collection will surpass budget estimates this financial year. Net direct tax collection till October stood at _______.

Question 4

Which section of Banking Regulation (BR) Act, 1949 says only banking companies can use the words “bank”, “banker” or “banking” in their names?

Question 5

Central Consumer Protection Authority (CCPA) has sent notices to e-commerce marketplaces for the sale of defective pressure cookers through their platforms. In which year was CCPA set up?

Question 6

Union Government has notified uniform GST rate at _____ on Man-Made Fibre (MMF), MMF yarn, MMF fabrics, and apparel.

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