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Daily Banking Awareness Quiz | 21, 22 and 23 October 2023

Question 1

Term deposit rates have increased to their highest levels in last _________ as per RBI’s latest monthly bulletin.

Question 2

Which bank has won four Assocham awards at the 18th Assocham Annual Summit & Awards on Banking & Financial Sector Lending Companies?

Question 3

RBI has approved appointment of _____________ as MD & CEO of Kotak Mahindra Bank.

Question 4

DP World and _________________ signed two MoUs for capacity expansion at the port.

Question 5

According to an IMF official, India will contribute ______of global growth in five years.

Question 6

REC Limited received Golden Peacock Award in Risk Management. The award has been given by the _______________________.

Question 7

India’s direct tax-to-GDP ratio was _________ in FY23.

Question 8

RBI has started a pilot program for the wholesale digital rupee in the call money market. The pilot program is to be offered through how many banks?

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