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Daily Banking Awareness Quiz | 25, 26 and 27 February 2021

Question 1

Which of the following countries had introduced proposal for TRIPS (Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights) waiver during Covid-19 pandemic?

Question 2

In February 2021, an MoU was signed between the Ministry of Corporate Affairs and Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs for the purpose of  

Question 3

As per Digital Media Ethics Code 2021, OTT platform must categorize their content into _________ categories.

Question 4

Which of the following port trusts has recently signed seven MoUs with several stakeholders?

Question 5

As per Moody’s Investors Service, the Indian Economy is expected to grow at _______ in FY22.

Question 6

Which of the following automotive manufacturers is planning to establish a manufacturing plant near Dhaka, Bangladesh?   

Question 7

Which of the following banks has entered into a corporate agency agreement with SBI General Insurance?

Question 8

Recently released Information Technology (Intermediary Guidelines and Digital Media Ethics Code) Rules 2021 contain a __________ structure to ensure adherence to Code of Ethics.

Question 9

Who will set up an inter-departmental committee for the hearing of grievances as per Information Technology (Intermediary Guidelines and Digital Media Ethics Code) Rules 2021?

Question 10

In the April-June quarter of the current fiscal, Indian Economy showed a contraction of _________.

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