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Daily Banking Awareness Quiz | 26 and 27 July 2020

Question 1

DGCI has recently suspended and cancelled import licences of several companies importing Covid-19 antibody kits from

Question 2

Hazira port was recently in news during legal fight between ArcelorMittal and Essar Group. Where is it located?

Question 3

Which of the following are the accounting standards that were recently amended by Corporate Affairs Ministry?

Question 4

Apple has started manufacturing of its iPhone 11 in India at a facility located in _______.

Question 5

RBI has signed $400 million currency swap arrangement with which country?

Question 6

ITAT has ruled against Commissioner of Income Tax order in which Income Tax Department has levied on Tata Education and Development Trust a demand of over

Question 7

Government has been discussing plan to bring RRBs under India Post. Currently, centre's stake in RRBs is

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