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Daily Banking Awareness Quiz | 28 and 29 February 2024

Question 1

RBI has revised the timelines for the various Sandbox stages from seven months to ______ months under the updated Enabling Framework for Regulatory Sandbox.

Question 2

An agreement on new disciplines on domestic services rules has been formally implemented by the WTO. This agreement has been signed by how many members?

Question 3

In February 2024, the Trilateral Development Cooperation (TDC) Fund has been launched by the private equity arm of which of the following banks?

Question 4

NABARD and NRLM has entered into strategic alliance by signing a MoU for a period of ____ years.

Question 5

Who among the following will lead committee on uniform Know Your Customer (KYC)?

Question 6

Renu Sud Karnad has been appointed as independent director and chairperson of ________.

Question 7

Which of the following countries has/have become member(s) of the World Trade Organization (WTO) at the 13th Ministerial Conference of WTO?

1. Comoros

2. Timor Leste

3. Djibouti

Select the correct answer using the following codes.

Question 8

President Droupadi Murmu has appointed Justice AM Khanwilkar as the new Lokpal along with ____ other members. 

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