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Daily Banking Awareness Quiz | 4 and 5 December 2022

Question 1

Which of the following projects has been launched by Payments Council of India (PCI) to standardize payments icons across platforms?

Question 2

Which of the following is/are correct criteria for UCBs to classify as financially sound and well managed?

1. Throughout the previous two fiscal years, UCBs should not have been subject to any financial penalties for violating regulatory directives.

2. Net profit for minimum 3 out of the past 4 years and not having incurred a net loss in the immediate preceding year.

3. Sound internal control system with minimum 2 professional directors on the Board.

Select correct answer using codes given below.

Question 3

Recently, an MoU has been signed between CAG of India and Comptroller General of which of the following countries?

Question 4

Steel exports from which of the following countries to India registered over 333% increase for the April–October of FY23?

Question 5

SEBI has approved the name of _____as the new MD and CEO of the BSE.

Question 6

Which state is India’s top state in terms of number of factories according to 7th edition of RBI’s annual report Handbook of Statistics on Indian States 2021-22?

Question 7

Manufacturing PMI improved to ____ in November against 55.3 in October.  

Question 8

As per RBI report, which of the following is the state with highest installed grid-interactive renewable power capacity in India?

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