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Daily Banking Awareness Quiz | 5, 6 and 7 May 2024

Question 1

According to RBI's data on 'Sectoral Deployment of Bank Credit', credit outstanding to the housing sector increased by about ____________ in the previous two fiscals.

Question 2

The net profit of which of the following bank has increased by over 50% for the March 2024 quarter?

Question 3

In April, the services PMI (Purchasing Managers' Index) dropped to ______.

Question 4

India has seen how much year-on-year increase in successful insolvency resolutions in FY24?

Question 5

RBI grants NBFC licence to which of the following neobanking startup?

Question 6

CAG of India and the Auditor General of which of the following countries signed a pact to increase collaboration in auditing?

Question 7

There will be a ________ replenishment to the Asian Development Fund (ADF) for grant activities during 2025–2028.

Question 8

Retired Justice Sanjaya Kumar Mishra is appointed as president of the ___________.

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