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Daily Banking Awareness Quiz | 5, 6 and 7 November 2023

Question 1

Which of the following banks has achieved top position among PSU lenders in loan growth in percentage terms in second quarter of the current financial year?

Question 2

The term of office of the chief of Central Bank of India has been extended by the central government. Who is the chief of the Central Bank of India?

Question 3

E-way bill generation has reached to all-time high level of ________ in October 2023.

Question 4

India’s pharma exports grew by 5% in H1 of FY24. Top 3 destinations for Indian pharma exports were __________________________.

Question 5

RBI has imposed penalty of __________ on Punjab National Bank.

Question 6

Which of the following has become first life insurance company to get a GIFT City IFSC registration?

Question 7

Who has been appointed by Bank of Baroda as head of Digital Channels and Operations and Digital Lending Business?

Question 8

Who among the following has emerged as the most generous female recently?

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