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Daily Banking Awareness Quiz | 7, 8 and 9 August 2022

Question 1

Who among the following has been appointed as MD & CEO of Unity Small Finance Bank?

Question 2

In August 2022, RBI has imposed monetary penalty of ₹2.33 crore on which of the following NBFC-MFIs?

Question 3

PFRDA has now increased the maximum age of membership under the NPS-Private sector from the current 65 years to _________.

Question 4

RBI has said that all scheduled small finance banks (SFBs) will be eligible for Authorised dealer (AD) Category-I licence after completion of at least __________of operations as AD Category-II.

Question 5

Lok Sabha has passed Energy Conservation (Amendment) Bill, 2022. It seeks to amend which of the following acts?

Question 6

Ranjit Rath has been appointed as new chairman and managing director (CMD) of which of the following?

Question 7

India’s good exports in July 2022 declined marginally by 0.76% to ___________.

Question 8

Government capex increased by 72% to over _____________ in the road sector in the April-June quarter of current fiscal.

Question 9

How much capex has been budgeted by the government during current fiscal?

Question 10

How much was India’s trade deficit during the period April-July 2022?

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