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Daily Banking Awareness Quiz | 7, 8 and 9 September 2022

Question 1

In September 2022, RBI has released an Alert List of how many entities that are not authorized to deal in forex and to operate electronic trading platforms for forex transactions?

Question 2

Who among the following has been appointed as Managing Director and CEO of Tamilnad Mercantile Bank?

Question 3

In September 2022, FSSAI has suspended the licenses of 16 food business operators for not displaying which of the following?

1. Calorie count of food items on their menus

2. Serving size of food items on their menus

3. Allergen information of food items on their menus

Select correct answer using following codes.

Question 4

Moody’s Investors Service has forecast real GDP growth at _______ for the year ending March 2023.

Question 5

MCA has recently widened the pool of start-ups that can avail fast track corporate insolvency resolution process (CIRP). A fast track CIRP should be completed within _______ from insolvency commencement date.

Question 6

PM Modi virtually addressed plenary session of which edition of Eastern Economic Forum (EEF) in September 2022?

Question 7

Union Cabinet recently approved a long-term leasing policy of railway land. This policy reduces land licensing fee from current 6% to _____ of market value per annum.

Question 8

Karnataka Bank has recently become part of Karnataka Government’s integrated financial management system (IFMS) – ___________.

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