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Daily Banking Awareness Quiz | 9 and 10 December 2022

Question 1

In December 2022, Asian Development Bank (ADB) approved ________ loan to strengthen India’s logistics infrastructure.

Question 2

Which of the following is/are proposed under the recently introduced Multi-State Co-operative Societies (Amendment) Bill, 2022?

1. Concurrent audit of multi-state cooperative societies (MSCS).

2. Setting up of a Cooperative Election Authority.

3. Setting up of the ‘Cooperative Rehabilitation, Reconstruction and Development Fund’.

Select correct answer using the following codes.

Question 3

A currency swap agreement has been signed by RBI with the Maldives Monetary Authority (MMA). The agreement allows MMA to withdraw up to ______________ from the RBI.

Question 4

Recently, ITC Ltd’s food factory in Malur, ____________ has been awarded AWS Platinum certification.

Question 5

Government has allowed IT/ITES units in SEZs to permit 100% of their workforce to work from home till ________.

Question 6

As per International Energy Agency (IEA)‘s latest report, Renewables 2022, India will almost double its renewable power capacity over _________.  

Question 7

IRDAI has recently notified increased limits for insurance marketing firms (IMFs). IMFs can now have distribution tie up with a maximum of how many life insurers?   

Question 8

India remained the net importer of steel for the _____ consecutive month in November.

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