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Daily Current Affairs Quiz 1 August 2022

Question 1

Roshni Nadar continues to be the richest woman in India. She is the chairperson of which company?

Question 2

Election Commission of India has allowed __________ years old citizens to enroll on the voter’s list.

Question 3

Exercise AL NAJAH-IV began on 01 August 2022 in Rajasthan. It is a joint military exercise between India and which of the following countries?

Question 4

Who has won India’s first gold medal in the Women’s 49-kilogram event at Birmingham?

Question 5

Who has been appointed as the new Commissioner of the Delhi Police?

Question 6

Union Minister Sarbanand Sonowal inaugurated the Chahabar Day conference in which city?

Question 7

Which of the following was adjudged best among the best performing Regional Rural Banks at Agri Infra Fund awards?

Question 8

Recently, Railway Minister Ashwini Vaishnav flagged off Rewa (Madhya Pradesh)-Udaipur City (Rajasthan) weekly special through a video link in the program organized at Badi Sadri in _______________.

Question 9

McKinney fire has burned 51,000 acres within two days in which state of the United States of America?

Question 10

Who is the author of the book titled 'The Light We Carry', which is going to be released in November 2022?

Question 11

Which of the following statements is correct regarding “Ex VINBAX 2022”?

1. The Fifth edition of the "Ex VINBAX 2022" bilateral army exercise started between Vietnam and India at Chandimandir.

2. The exercise began at Chandimandir in Rajasthan.

Select the correct code:

Question 12

Which state Women's Commission organised the "Mukhyamantri Mahtari Nyay Rath Yatra" to educate women about their constitutional rights and laws?

Question 13

Which of the following statements is correct about the Cantonment Boards?

1. Cantonment Board is an administrative body under the Ministry of Home Affairs.

2.  Cantonments Act, 2006 has provisions for the administration and governance of notified cantonments in the Country.

Select the correct code:

Question 14

National Conference on Drug Trafficking and National Security held in which city?

Question 15

Who has won India's first medal in Commonwealth Games 2022?

Question 16

Recently, Government has named Point 5140 at Dras in the Kargil sector as ___________.

Question 17

Which of the following statements is correct regarding the Asia Cup 2022?

1. It will be the 14th edition of the Asia Cup cricket tournament.

2. India will be the venue for the Asia Cup 2022 instead of Sri Lanka.

Select the correct code:

Question 18

David Trimble passed away at the age of 77. He was related to which field?

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