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Daily Current Affairs Quiz 10 December 2022

Question 1

What is the rank of India in the Passport Index 2022, according to Arton Capital's ranking?

Question 2

What is the theme of Human Rights Day 2022?

Question 3

Which state government has launched the Sanitation Workers Development Scheme on 9 December 2022 in Madurai?

Question 4

Who has assumed charge as Chair of B20 India?

Question 5

Which of the following has become the first payment gateway in India to support credit cards on UPI?

Question 6

British PM Rishi Sunak has announced a partnership between the UK, Italy and Japan to build the fighter jet of the future. It will be called ____________.

Question 7

Government has extended rooftop solar scheme till March _____________.

Question 8

Which of the following has won the 2022 Earthshot Prize?

Question 9

ADB has approved a loan of _______________ to strengthen the logistics sector in India.

Question 10

Which of the following is not a national party?

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