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Daily Current Affairs Quiz 10 July 2024

Question 1

Which country and Japan boosted their defense ties on July 8 by signing the Reciprocal Access Agreement (RAA), which aims to bring stability to the region amid rising tensions with China?

Question 2

Ram Buxani passed away in UAE at the age of 83 on 7 July. He was a _________.

Question 3

Prime Minister Narendra Modi received Order Of St Andrew The Apostle. It is the highest civilan honour of ____________.

Question 4

Who became the new India’s Chef-De-Mission for the 2024 Olympics?

Question 5

In an effort to improve credit rating agencies' (CRAs) ease of doing business, SEBI has released new guidelines. The changes made by guidelines will be applicable, with effect from _____________.

Question 6

Who has been appointed as the new head coach of the Indian men’s cricket team?

Question 7

India and Russia agreed to increase bilateral trade to __________ dollars by 2030.

Question 8

Which will become the first State to adopt an action plan for road safety for 10 years?

Question 9

UNESCO designated how many new biosphere reserve?

Question 10

Former CJI UU Lalit has been appointed as head of the search panels for Vice-Chancellors in which state?

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