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Daily Current Affairs Quiz 11 March 2023

Question 1

Minister of State for External Affairs Rajkumar Ranjan Singh virtually joined the _______ BIMSTEC Ministerial Meeting in Bangkok on 9 March.

Question 2

An MoU has been signed between India and which country on semiconductor Supply Chain and Innovation Partnership following the Commercial Dialogue 2023 in New Delhi on 10 March?

Question 3

Central government announced _________percentage of reservation for ex-Agniveers in BSF recruitment.

Question 4

'Beggar-free city' initiative has been started in which city?

Question 5

Which of the following zones of Indian Railway has achieved complete electrification of its 3,825 kilometers long broad gauge network?

Question 6

On 10 March 2023, NITI Aayog released a task force report titled “Production and Promotion of Organic and Bio fertilisers with Special Focus on Improving Economic Viability of Gaushalas”. Who was the chairman of the task force?

Question 7

Which of the following statements is correct about the Megha-Tropiques-1 (MT-1) satellite?

1. The re-entry experiment for the decommissioned Megha-Tropiques-1 (MT-1) satellite has been successfully carried out by ISRO.

2. It is a joint mission of India and the United Kingdom to study the water cycle and energy exchanges of the tropics.

Select the correct code:

Question 8

Which of the following statements is incorrect about the H3N2 virus?

Question 9

Who is the author of the book titled ‘'Mundaka Upanishad: The Bridge to Immortality'?

Question 10

Saudi Arabia and which country have agreed to resume diplomatic relations between them?

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