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Daily Current Affairs Quiz 12 December 2020

Question 1

Which country has become the fourth Arab country to end hostilities with Israel after UAE, Bahrain and Sudan?

Question 2

As per the recent report of the Intergovernmental Science Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES), which country is the largest importer of legally traded wildlife?

Question 3

PM Modi today addressed Virtual Global Climate Summit on _______ anniversary of the Paris Climate Agreement.

Question 4

Who has been named as the Time’s Magazine 2020 Person of the Year?

Question 5

Which of the following has developed India’s first indigenous mRNA vaccine candidate, HGCO19?

Question 6

Where did 9th Sustainable Mountain Development Summit (SMDS-IX) start on 11 December 2020?

Question 7

Who is the current executive director of UNICEF?

Question 8

International Day of Neutrality is celebrated every year on _______.

Question 9

When did United Nations General Assembly declare 12 December as International Universal Health Coverage Day?

Question 10

Which of the following states has won Best State Promoting Sports Award at FICCI India Sports Awards 2020?

Question 11

Which of the following neighbors of India agreed for timely exchange of intelligence information to conduct follow-up investigations in drug seizure cases?

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