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Daily Current Affairs Quiz 12 July 2023

Question 1

In which year did the United Nations (UN) designate July 12 as Malala Day to honour the young woman who advocated for women's education?

Question 2

India and which country started a bilateral trade in rupees on 11 July?

Question 3

SC holds the extension granted to Sanjay Mishra as invalid. Sanjay Mishra is the director of ___________.

Question 4

Abhijit Chakravorty has been appointed as MD and CEO of which of the following?

Question 5

Which of the following has been recently exempted by GST Council from GST?

1. Cancer-fighting drugs

2. Medicines for rare diseases

3. Food products for special medical purposes

Select the correct answer using the following codes.

Question 6

Which of the following will be made compulsory for the MSME pharma sector in a phased manner?

Question 7

National Fish Farmers Day Meet - 2023 concluded at which place?

Question 8

Which country secured the first position in the medal tally at the 34th International Biology Olympiad, UAE?

Question 9

Which of the following statements is correct about multidimensional poverty?

1. 315 million Indians came out of multidimensional poverty in 15 years.

2. The MPI measures poverty across 15 indicators in five dimensions.

Select the correct code:

Question 10

Uttar Pradesh has become the ________ state in India in the disposal of cases of crimes against women.

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