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Daily Current Affairs Quiz 13 February 2024

Question 1

The Center of Excellence on Smart Wearable Advanced Nano Sensing Technologies in Healthcare ACISs (SWASTHA) was launched by ______ to boost the health sector on 9 February.

Question 2

What is the theme of World Radio Day 2024?

Question 3

Which state cabinet approved a bill to ban 'magical healing' in the state?

Question 4

Which personality's 200th birth anniversary has been celebrated on 12 February?

Question 5

KPP Nambiar Award for 2024 has been given to ______________.

Question 6

Which of the following companies has changed itself to Pai Platforms?

Question 7

Gupteswar Forest has been declared a Bio-Diversity Heritage site. It is situated in which state?

Question 8

Which of the following has received the WHO Nelson Mandela Award?

Question 9

According to a United Nations report, One in five of the world's migratory species is at risk of extinction. Which of the following is not a major threat for migratory species?

Question 10

Who became the official sponsor of the Chennai Super Kings?

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