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Daily Current Affairs Quiz 14 August 2021

Question 1

World Organ Donation Day is observed every year on_____________.

Question 2

Which of the following statement is correct about the recently notified Plastic Waste Management Amendment Rules 2021?

1. The use of several single-use plastics will be prohibited from 1 July 2024.

2. The thickness of single-use plastic will be increased from fifty microns to seventy-five microns from 30 September 2021.

Select the correct code:

Question 3

Reserve Bank of India has recently cancelled license of _______________________ bank due to inadequate capital and earning prospects.

Question 4

Navy of which of the following countries has led Southeast Asia Cooperation and Training (SEACAT) military exercise in Singapore?

Question 5

Recently, Manipur has celebrated Patriots' Day on 13 August. It has been celebrated in in the memory of the martyrs of the ______________.

Question 6

The ‘Union Home Minister’s Medal for Excellence in Investigation’ award was instituted in _____________.

Question 7

Recently, which of the following has released a handbook to guide state governments and local bodies in setting up charging networks for electric vehicles?

Question 8

Who has been named as ICC Player of the month for July in the men’s category?

Question 9

Recently, the Ministry of Housing & Urban Affairs has launched the ‘SonChiraiya’ brand for marketing of _____________.

Question 10

Which of the following statements is/are not correct with respect to IndiGau?

1. It is India’s first Cattle Genomic Chip for the conservation of pure varieties of indigenous cattle breeds.

2. It is purely indigenous and the largest cattle chip of the world.

3. It was developed by National Dairy Development Board (NDDB).

Select correct answer using codes given below:

Question 11

Which of the following banks has signed MoU with Paralympic Committee of India to support athletes?

Question 12

Which of the following is popularly known as Chakhao?

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