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Daily Current Affairs Quiz 14 January 2023

Question 1

Which flower has been added to the list of protected plants under Schedule III of the Wildlife (Protection) Act, 1972 by the Ministry of Environment, Forestry and Climate Change?

Question 2

Name the UAE Minister of Industry and Advanced Technology, who will serve as COP President for the first time.

Question 3

Indian origin Manpreet Monica Singh has sworn as the first female Sikh judge in which country?

Question 4

NPCI has permitted UPI transactions for non-resident bank accounts connected to mobile numbers of 10 countries. Which of the following is not among the 10 countries?

Question 5

Who among the following has been appointed as CEO of Cognizant?

Question 6

MP Santokh Singh died during Bharat Jodo Yatra. He was a Congress MP from _____________.

Question 7

Which is the first district to deploy innovative 5G use cases offered by startups on the ground?

Question 8

Which organization has released a Consultation Paper on Telecommunication Infrastructure Sharing, Spectrum Sharing, and Spectrum Leasing on 13 January?

Question 9

India’s First Centre of Excellence in Online Gaming will be set up in _____________.

Question 10

Death rites dating back 5000 years have been unearthed from a Harrapan site in Gujarat. Which of the following statements is correct about it?

1. This site is important because it demonstrates the transition from earth-mound burials to stone graves.

2. Excavations have shown that dead humans were buried with afterlife objects.

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