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Daily Current Affairs Quiz 14 July 2022

Question 1

Which of the following has developed an AI tool ‘Pivot’ to identify cancer-causing genes in an individual?

Question 2

Who has clinched India’s first gold medal at ISSF World Cup in South Korea?

Question 3

Which of the following has started a programme to release 20 Red Pandas into the forests in the next five years?

Question 4

'Mind Master: Winning Lessons from a Champion's Life' is memoir which sports person?

Question 5

Who among the following has been appointed as the next High Commissioner of Bangladesh to India?

Question 6

Which state has become the first state to implement New Education Policy (NEP) at the pre-primary level?

Question 7

Which company will begin the production of India's first indigenous lithium-ion cell in 2023?

Question 8

Which of the following statements is correct about the Mediation Bill 2021?

1. Its main aim is to settle any civil or commercial disputes through mediation before the court or tribunal’s intervention.

2. The bill has a provision to exclude the Central and state governments from non-commercial disputes.

Select the correct code:

Question 9

What is the rank of India in the Gender Gap Report 2022?

Question 10

Which state’s forest department will restore 10,000 hectares of the Banni grasslands?

Question 11

Which of the following statements is correct regarding the new mechanism developed to deactivate SARS-CoV-2?

1. Scientists in China developed a new mechanism to deactivate SARS-CoV-2.

2. These peptides have been developed by researchers from the Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China and the Institute of Microbial Technology.

Select the correct code:

Question 12

Which organization and the Department of Agriculture and Farmer Welfare (DA&FW) have signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) to enhance the existing partnership for food and nutrition security in the South Asian region?

Question 13

Which of the following statements is correct?

1. On July 11, 2022, All India Radio unveiled its new logo.

2. Apurva Chandra, Secretary I&B, launched the new logo.

Select the correct code:

Question 14

European Union has given the final approval to which country to adopt the euro single currency on January 1, 2023?

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