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Daily Current Affairs Quiz 15 March 2022

Question 1


First drone school of Madhya Pradesh and Himachala Pradesh have been opened in which cities?

Question 2


Who has taken oath as Pro-tem Speaker of Goa assembly?

Question 3

A Green sea turtle has been recently found on the shores of which state?

Question 4


What is the name of the India shuttler who has recently won two silver, one bronze medal at Spanish Para-Badminton International?

Question 5


On 14 March 2022, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman has presented _______________ budget for Jammu and Kashmir for 2022-23.

Question 6

India’s first Artificial Intelligence & Robotics Technology Park (ARTPARK) has been recently launched in ____________.

Question 7


The United States and its allies recently announced to take away “most favoured nation” status from which country?

Question 8


This year is being observed as the ________anniversary of the International Day of Action for Rivers.

Question 9

Union Environment Minister released Detailed project reports (DPR)  on rejuvenation of 13 Major Rivers through Forestry Interventions. Which of the following statements is correct about it?

1. Detailed project reports (DPR) for these rivers have been prepared by the Indian Council of Forestry Research and Education (ICFRE), Dehradun.

2. These DPRs will be implemented through the State Forest Departments.

Select the correct code:

Question 10

India’s first ‘World Peace Center’ will be established in _____________.

Question 11


Which edition of the National Youth Parliament Festival has been addressed by Lok Sabha Speaker Shri Om Birla in 2022 in New Delhi?

Question 12

What is the theme of World Consumer Rights Day 2022?

Question 13

Sahitya Akademi has published a book-length poem titled "Monsoon". Who is the writer of this poem?

Question 14

“YUva VIgyani KAryakram” (YUVIKA) or “Young Scientist Programme” is being organized by which organization as a special program for school children?

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