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Daily Current Affairs Quiz 16 March 2024

Question 1

Which of the following statements is correct regarding New EV policy approved by the Indian Government?

1. Under the policy, a company will have to invest a minimum of Rs 4150 crore and there is no maximum limit on investment.

2. The company will have to start its plant in 2 years.

Select the correct code:

Question 2

When was National Vaccination Day first celebrated?

Question 3

The Election Commission released electoral bond data on its website. Which party has received ₹6,060 crore from April 12, 2019 to January 24, 2024?

Question 4

RBI has imposed a penalty of _____________on the Bank of India.

Question 5

Where has Indian navy set up its first independent headquarters?

Question 6

Who has been appointed as new Prime Minister of the Palestinian Authority?

Question 7

The government rolled out a pilot program to provide timely medical care for road accidents. Which of the following is correct regarding it?

1. Under this pilot program, cashless treatment up to a maximum of Rs 3.5 lakh per accident per person will be provided.

2. This pilot program has been started in Chandigarh.

Select the correct code:

Question 8

Who has launched India’s first LNG-powered bus?

Question 9

Which state has topped in the illegal trade of shark body parts?

Question 10

Fitch Ratings has increased India's growth estimate for FY25 to 7% from an earlier estimate of ______.

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