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Daily Current Affairs Quiz 18 November 2020

Question 1

Asia’s first solar power-enabled Textile Mill will be established in the state of ____________.

Question 2

Who is the author of ‘A Promised Land’?

Question 3

‘Reciprocal Access Agreement’ has been signed between which of the following countries?

Question 4

Which of the following country will host the Women’s Under-17 World Cup in 2022?

Question 5

QRSAM stands for -

Question 6

The theme of Lilavati Award 2020 is__________.

Question 7

India’s first decentralized solar Convergence Project will be established in the state of __________.

Question 8

Which of the following statements is/ are correct about the Central Institute of Mining and Fuel Research?

  1. Recently Golden jubilee of CSIR-CIMFR has been celebrated on 17 November.
  2. It is located in Dhanbad, Jharkhand.

Select the correct code:

Question 9

Which of the following statement is not correct about the India International Science Festival (IISF)?

Question 10

Who among the following will be the official kit sponsor of the Indian Cricket Team for three years?

Question 11

As per the 2018 report on “Vital Statistics of India based on the Civil Registration System”, which of the following state has the best sex ratio in India?

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