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Daily Current Affairs Quiz 20 April 2024

Question 1

A fine of Rs 60.3 lakhs was imposed by RBI on _____ cooperative banks for violating rules.

Question 2

Vedanta firm Hindustan Zinc has become the ________ largest silver producer globally.

Question 3

Which of the following statements is correct?

1. According to the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), India's population is estimated to reach 144 crore.

2. 17 per cent of India’s population is within the 10-19 age range.

Select the correct code:

Question 4

Which airport has received the ‘Best Airport Staff in India & South Asia 2024’ award by Skytrax?

Question 5

On April 19, the first batch of indigenous Leading Edge Actuators and Airbrake Control Modules was handed over to __________ by the DRDO.

Question 6

On 18 April 2024, An MoU was signed between the Armed Forces Medical Services (AFMS) and the _________ for collaborative research and training.

Question 7

Which country became the 38th country to join the Artemis Accords?

Question 8

Which company unveils Llama 3 and its real-time image generator?

Question 9

Which Indian Women's Hockey Team player won the Asunta Lakra Award?

Question 10

Three new archaeological sites have been discovered in which state?

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