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Daily Current Affairs Quiz 20 August 2020

Question 1

Every year on 20 August, Indian Akshay Urja Day is celebrated in India to commemorate the birthday of which great person?

Question 2

World Mosquito Day is celebrated every year on which day?

Question 3

What is not correct with respect to the National Recruitment Agency?

Question 4

The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs is chaired by_________.

Question 5

In which year was the first World Conference of Speaker of Parliament held?

Question 6

Recently the Health Department of which state has started Post Covid-19 Follow up Clinic?

Question 7

In which year was National Research Development Corporation established in India?

Question 8

Recently who has been awarded the Star 2020 certificate by the World Book of Records, London?

Question 9

JRO-204 is a variety of which crop?

Question 10

According to the National Cancer Registry Program Report 2020, which of the following is correct?

  1. Cancer cases in India are expected to increase to 15.6 lakhs by 2025, which is 12% more than the current estimated cases.
  2. Tobacco is the leading cause of this, cancer related to it being 27.1% of the total cancer cases.
Question 11

What is India's rank in terms of internet quality according to Digital Quality of Life Index 2020?

Question 12

What is correct regarding the No-Go area?

  1. Mining in No-Go area is banned on environmental grounds.
  2. No go areas are those with either 10% weighted forest cover (WFC) or more than 30% gross forest cover (GFC).

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