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Daily Current Affairs Quiz 20 February 2021

Question 1

Which of the following is the Air Force version of the HELINA weapon system?

Question 2

“It is a third-generation Anti-tank guided missile manufactured by HAL. It is an air version of the Nag missile that is being inducted into the Indian Army.”

Which of the following missiles is best described in the above-given passage?

Question 3

Which city of India has been recognized as a '2020 Tree City of the world’?

Question 4

Who chairs the Governing Council of NITI Aayog?

Question 5

Which of the following State/UT participated for the first time in the sixth meeting of Governing Council of NITI Aayog held in February 2020?

Question 6

Recently, India has signed two agreements on visa facilitation and leather technology with which of the following countries?

Question 7

Which of the following campaign of BEE has been launched by the central government to promote the adoption of electric vehicles?

Question 8

When did Prime Minister Narendra Modi launch Intensified Mission Indradhanush (IMI) to further intensify the immunization programme?

Question 9

On 19 February 2020, Minister for Environment Forest and Climate Change Prakash Javadekar inaugurated the Atal Paryavaran Bhavan. This complex is located in which state/UT?

Question 10

Which country has once again become the party to the Paris Climate Agreement?

Question 11

Which of the following statements is not correct regarding the Paris Climate Agreement?

Question 12

Who among the following has released a book titled ‘Rashtra Pratham - 82 varshon ki Swarnim Gatha’?

Question 13

In the year 2021, Arunachal Pradesh celebrated its ______ statehood day.

Question 14

Sangti valley is located in which of the following northeastern states?

Question 15

Which of the following is not one of the major tribes of Arunachal Pradesh?

Question 16

Cheraw is the famous dance of which the northeastern state of India?

Question 17

Which is the highest peak in Mizoram?

Question 18

Mizoram became the 23rd state of India through which of the following amendment acts?

Question 19

Government recently released guidelines for acquiring and producing of Geospatial Data Services provided by ___________________.

Question 20

What is the name of uncrewed Ultimate Mobility Vehicle concept introduced by Hyundai?

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