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Daily Current Affairs Quiz 22 July 2023

Question 1

One District One Product’ Wall has been jointly launched by DPIIT in association with _____________.

Question 2

Pi Approximation Day is dedicated to the Mathematical Constant Pi. What is the value of Pi?

Question 3

Unique Ramayana fresco from the Kakatiya-era has been found in a natural rock shelter at ____________.

Question 4

Who has been appointed as Managing Director of Life Insurance Corporation?

Question 5

Which of the following countries and India has recently exchanged five agreements covering crucial areas of economic cooperation, renewable energy and tourism?

Question 6

Ministry of Culture and the Indian Navy have signed an MoU to revive the “ancient stitched shipbuilding method (Tankai method)”. It is a _________________ technique of shipbuilding.

Question 7

Which of the following statements is/are correct regarding the new guidelines on designating lawyers as ‘Senior Advocates’?

1. All matters relating to the designation of Senior Advocates in the Supreme Court of India will be dealt with by the "Committee for Designation of Senior Advocates”.

2. As per the new guidelines, a candidate must be at least 55 years of age to apply for the post of 'Senior Advocate'.

Select the correct code:

Question 8

Which of the following statements is correct about the India Energy Security Scenarios (IESS) 2047?

1. Ministry of Environment has released a revamped India Energy Security Scenarios (IESS) 2047.

2. Its main aim is to assess the integrated impact of various green energy policies of the Government.

Select the correct code:

Question 9

Kevin Mitnick passed away at the age of 59. He was a renowned __________.

Question 10

Who has become the first batter to score a century in his 500th international match?

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