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Daily Current Affairs Quiz 24 January 2024

Question 1

International students will now be allowed to stay in Canada for only ___________.

Question 2

Who has received BCCI's Lifetime Achievement Award in Hyderabad?

Question 3

Jammu CSIR lab found that the ___________compound has antibiotic effects.

Question 4

A book titled ‘Conversations with Aurangzeb’ has been authored by____________.

Question 5

Consider the following statements regarding the recently inaugurated ‘Hamara Samvidhan, Hamara Samman' campaign:

1. It is a year-long pan-India campaign to commemorate the 75th Year of India as a Republic.

2. The campaign intends to reaffirm the collective commitment to the principles enshrined in the Constitution of India.

Which of the above statements is/are correct?

Question 6

Which of the following countries has recently approved Sweden’s NATO membership bid?

Question 7

The Central government formed a committee to recommend steps to safeguard the interests of scheduled caste communities. This committee will be chaired by ___________.

Question 8

The government expanded the scope of activities at the International Financial Services Centre (IFSC). IFSCA was set up in ______________.

Question 9

Which Indian documentary film has been nominated for the 96th Academy Awards?

Question 10

Who was selected as captain of the ICC Men’s ODI team of the year in the ICC Awards 2023?

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