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Daily Current Affairs Quiz 24 June 2020

Question 1

Recently which country has supported India for a permanent seat in UN Security Council?

Question 2

Recently the Government of India has decided to reduce the number of employees in the High Commission of Pakistan in New Delhi by how much percent?

Question 3

In which year was the United Nations Relief and Works Agency established?

Question 4

Recently which Russia-India-China trilateral foreign ministerial level meeting was held through video conferencing?

Question 5

How many members does the United Nations Human Rights Council have?

Question 6

In which year was the Golden Globe Awards presented for the first time?

Question 7

Recently which Indian Institute of Management has launched an endowment fund?

Question 8

Recently Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore has developed nanozymes. These nanozymes can destroy bacteria of which of these diseases?

Question 9

Recently Patanjali Ayurved Limited has developed which medicine for the treatment of Covid-19?

Question 10

Which of the following is not correctly matched?

Question 11

The Senkaku Islands dispute is going on between which two countries?

Question 12

Mount Merapi, which recently had two consecutive explosions, is located in which country?

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