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Daily Current Affairs Quiz 26 and 27 January 2021

Question 1

Which of the following states has launched Udyam Sarthi app?

Question 2

Operation Sard Hawa has been launched by the ____________.

Question 3

Bharat Parv 2021 is being organized from 26 January to 31 January by ________________.

Question 4

Flypast during Republic Day parade 2021 ended with Vertical Charlie formation by ____________________.

Question 5

How many persons will be given Padma Vibhushan awards for the year 2021?

Question 6

President approved giving of Sarvottam Jeevan Raksha Padak to ________________.

Question 7

Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte submitted resignation to President ______________ after criticism over spending in coronavirus crisis.

Question 8

Who among the following has taken charge of Gajraj Corps?

Question 9

Who among the following will be awarded Maha Vir Chakra award posthumously?

Question 10

Recently, DRDO has successfully test-fired the New Generation Akash missile (Akash-NG). Which of the following statement is correct about it?

  1. It is an Air- to- Air Missile System.
  2. It can hit a target up to a range of around 3000 km. 

Select the correct code:

Question 11

Recently, Maharashtra CM inaugurated Balasaheb Thackeray Gorewada International Zoological Park in ____________.

Question 12

Which of the following trophy is related to domestic Cricket of India?

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