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Daily Current Affairs Quiz 26 September 2023

Question 1

Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma has been awarded the Lee Kuan Yew Exchange Fellowship of _________.

Question 2

Antyodaya Diwas is celebrated on 25 September to commemorate the birth anniversary of ____________.

Question 3

France decided to withdraw troops from which of the following countries in September 2023?

Question 4

Union Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia inaugurated the New Terminal Building at Tezu Airport. Tezu Airport is located in which state?

Question 5

Who will launch National Policy on R&D and Innovation in Pharma-MedTech Sector in India and the Scheme for the promotion of Research and Innovation in the Pharma MedTech Sector?

Question 6

Which state government has partnered with Magic Bus India Foundation to impart life skills to adolescents?

Question 7

Which of the following statements is correct about the GOBARdhan initiative?

1. Market Development Assistance of 1500 rupees per metric tonne will be granted for the sale of Fermented Organic Manure.

2. GOBARdhan initiative aims to transform biodegradable and organic waste into high-value resources.

Select the correct code:

Question 8

The first C-295 transport aircraft has been inducted into IAF. It will replace which aircraft?

Question 9

Which of the following statements is correct about the new FCRA guidelines?

1. NGOs with FCRA licenses have to submit details of assets created from foreign contributions.

2. It has amended the Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Rules, 2011.

Select the correct code:

Question 10

World Environmental Health Day is celebrated every year on 26 September. In which year did the International Federation of Environmental Health (IFEH) establish this day?

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