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Daily Current Affairs Quiz 27 and 28 September 2020

Question 1

Year 2020 has been designated as the year of ___________ by UNWTO.

Question 2

When did the UN General Assembly adopt a resolution to observe 28 September as International Day for Universal Access to Information?

Question 3

Bhagat Singh was related to which of the following organisations?

Question 4

When is World Rabies Day celebrated every year?

Question 5

Virtual bilateral summit will be held today between PM Modi and Mette Frederiksen. Mette Frederiksen is the Prime Minister of which of the following countries?

Question 6

Who has written the book titled as Jinnah: India, partition, independence?

Question 7

Recently, Meenakshi temple was in news for the renovation of its Veera Vasantha Rayar Mandapam (hall). Where is Meenakshi temple located?

Question 8

Final grand slam of 2020, ‘French Open’ has been started at Stade Roland Garros Stadium in Paris, France. The tournament will continue till -

Question 9

What is the name of app that has been launched by CSIR on its 79th Foundation Day to connect farmers to supply chain and freight transportation?

Question 10

Recently, researchers from Wildlife Institute of India, Dehradun, have added five amphibians to the list of the fauna of Madhya Pradesh after a study on amphibians in which of the following tiger reserves of MP?

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