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Daily Current Affairs Quiz 27 December 2023

Question 1

Which of the following statements is correct?

1. DRDO will launch its first polarimetry mission, X-Ray Polarimeter Satellite (XPoSat), likely on January 1.

2. It will become the country's third space-based observatory after the recently launched solar mission Aditya-L1 and Astrosat, launched in 2015.

Select the correct code:

Question 2

Name the member of the Hindu community in the Buner district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in Pakistan, who has filed her nomination papers for a general seat in the upcoming general elections in the country?

Question 3

India made its first payment to which country for the purchase of crude oil in rupees?

Question 4

Veer Bal Diwas is observed to mark the supreme sacrifice made by the four sons of ______________.

Question 5

India's current account deficit declined to _____ of the GDP in Q2 of the Financial Year 2023-24.

Question 6

PM Modi will chair the _____ National Conference of Chief Secretaries in New Delhi on 28 December 2023.

Question 7

India and which country will sign a free trade agreement in early 2024?

Question 8

Who became the first world leader to reach 2 crore subscribers on the YouTube channel?

Question 9

According to the India Ratings and Research, India’s fiscal deficit may surpass ___________of the GDP target.

Question 10

In which of the following years was the first-ever International Day of Epidemic Preparedness observed?

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