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Daily Current Affairs Quiz 27 October 2023

Question 1


Which edition of the Indian Mobile Congress was inaugurated by PM Modi on 27th October?

Question 2

Who has been selected as head coach of the women’s cricket team of India in October 2023?

Question 3

The 16th Urban Mobility India Conference begins in which city?

Question 4

India and the _____________carried out their first joint naval exercise in the Gulf of Guinea on 24 October.

Question 5

‘Swayampurna e-bazaar’ has been launched by the Chief Minister of which state?

Question 6

IAF is planning to equip_____________ with an indigenous advanced radar named 'Virupaaksha'.

Question 7

The World Day for Audiovisual Heritage is celebrated every year on ______________.

Question 8

Robert Fico has been appointed as Prime Minister of which country?

Question 9

Who has been recognized as a National Icon by the Election Commission of India in October 2023?

Question 10

Large number of women went on a one-day strike on 24 October 2023 in _____________ to protest against gender discrimination.

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