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Daily Current Affairs Quiz 28 January 2021

Question 1

ICC Player of the Month awards will be given to _____________.

Question 2

What is India’s rank in the Global Climate Risk Index 2021?

Question 3

Who won 27th annual Crystal Award during World Economic Forum’s Davos Agenda Summit?

Question 4

Who is appointed as National Security Advisor of the United States?

Question 5

Which of the following minister has launched ‘Work from Anywhere’ portal?

Question 6

India has signed a strategic partnership agreement with ____________for global energy security.

Question 7

Recently, which of the following country has announced that it will remain as part of the World Health Organisation?

Question 8

Which of the following has set a record of unfurling the National Flag at the highest altitude?

Question 9

Madhya Pradesh Government launched ‘PANKH Abhiyan' on the occasion of National Girl Child Day. Which of the following statement is correct about it?

  1. "P stands for protection, A for awareness of their rights, N for nutrition, K for knowledge and H for health".
  2. It has been launched for five years.

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Question 10

Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs (CCEA) approved increase of Rs 375 over 2020 rates in Minimum Support Price (MSP) of which of the following crops?

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