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Daily Current Affairs Quiz 28 September 2022

Question 1

Livestreaming of the Supreme Court's Constitution Bench proceedings began on which date?

Question 2

Who launched the One Week One Lab theme-based campaign in September 2022?

Question 3

Which state has received the Ayushmann Utkrishta award 2022 for adding various health facilities to the health facility register?

Question 4

Who will be conferred Dada Saheb Phalke Award for the year 2020?

Question 5

Indian Railways is installing the 'Real Time Train Information System (RTIS)' to track the location and speed of the locomotive/train. It has been developed in collaboration with which organization?

Question 6

Which edition of World Rabies Day celebrated in 2022?

Question 7

Which of the following has become a partner organization of the International Solar Alliance in September 2022?

Question 8

Union Minister Bhagwanth Khuba presented which edition of the National Petrochemicals Awards at a function held in New Delhi?

Question 9

Which of the following statements is correct about the report on the 4th round of the quarterly employment survey?

1. The estimated employment has increased from 3.14 crore in the third quarter (September-December, 2021) to 3.18 crore in the fourth quarter.

2. The Education sector accounts for 38.5 per cent of the total number of workers.

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Question 10

Government has set a new target of reducing 40% of particulate matter in cities by _____________.

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