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Daily Current Affairs Quiz 29 September 2020

Question 1

Recently, a book titled ‘Rowing down the Ganges’ has been launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The book is co-published by-

Question 2

What is the theme of World Heart Day 2020?

Question 3

Who was the only woman Chief Minister of Assam?

Question 4

Dr. P.D. Vaghela will replace R.S. Sharma as chairman of TRAI for a period of -

Question 5

Who has written a book titled “Industrial Growth in India: Stagnation since the Mid-Sixties”?

Question 6

The Headquarters of the National Investigation agency is at-

Question 7

User Depot Module is developed by Centre for Railway Information system to digitalize__________?

Question 8

Which of the following statements is/are correct about the “Vaccine web portal”?

  1. It will provide information related to the COVID-19 vaccine development in India only.
  2. It is developed by ICMR.

Select the correct option using codes given below:

Question 9

Gan Samragni Lata Mangeshkar award for the year 2020-21 is given to ________.

Question 10

Which state has launched a slum up-gradation programme to make the state slum-free in three years?

Question 11

Which state has won the most awards for the implementation of Garib Kalyan Rozgar Abhiyan?

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