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Daily Current Affairs Quiz | 3 June 2020

Question 1

Which of the following places will be joint under the recently announced new greenfield corridor?

Question 2

Recently Gaitri I. Kumar has been appointed as the new High Commissioner of India in which country?

Question 3

Recently K. N Lakshmanan passed away, he was related to which field?

Question 4

From which country is India buying Rafale aircraft?

Question 5

Recently Adesh Kumar Gupta has been appointed as the new head of which BJP unit?

Question 6

Which of the following new scheme/schemes have been announced for the development of electronic and mobile manufacturing units?

Question 7

Recently which institute has developed artificial intelligence enabled COVID-19 detection tool?

Question 8

The target under the Jal Jeevan Mission to provide water to every rural household has been set for which year?

Question 9

Moody's has downgraded the ratings of major Indian corporates. Which of the following is/are included?

Question 10

World Bicycle Day is observed every year on _________.

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